Meet the Teacher - Mr. Grossoehme

By: Deserae Gamrod and Gabriella Petrelli

Mr G is our favorite history teacher, and he was born in 1979. He is from Pennsylvania. He started teaching in 2002. His favorite color is blue, and he loves watching sports. His wife’s name is Christine. He lives in Washington, PA. His favorite animal is a cat, and his favorite sport is football. He loves spending time working and chilling with his wife. Mr. G is a good Civics teacher, and we always learn so much in his class. He does not have children, which we are so surprised by, because he’s very good with kids. Him and his wife met in 2003 on a blind date, but not off of a website. His favorite movie is Gettysburg. If  he could teach another topic it would be Bible. His car is a Kia, and he said it drives pretty nice, and he likes it a lot. He is a devoted Christian which makes him a lot better of a person. His favorite kind of movies are drama and comedy. His job before teaching was Walmart, but he got to live his dream by teaching. He used to teach somewhere in Africa before he came to First Love Christian Academy.

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