Atlantis To Be or Not To Be

Diving deep into one of the world’s greatest mysteries, the lost city of Atlantis has been of intrigue over the years.  Found in movies and books of adventure, this city was said to have sank to the bottom of the ocean over 2,300 years ago. Now, how the legend of Atlantis began was when a man by the name of Plato back in 360 B.C. Plato began to describe this legendary city with having a larger land mass than Libya and Asia Minor put together. The mighty city of Atlantis was ruled by the one and only Poseidon. Legends say that the mighty Atlantic swallowed the mighty city whole.

In 1627, the English philosopher and scientist Francis Bacon published a Utopian novel titled “The New Atlantis,” depicting, like Plato before him, a politically and scientifically advanced society on a previously unknown oceanic island. From time to time, archaeologists and historians locate evidence—a swampy, prehistoric city in coastal Spain; a suspicious undersea rock formation in the Bahamas—that might be a source of the Atlantis story. Now you can see why people began to believe these men due to the fact they were “smarter” than the others. The sight of the wildest acceptance is the Greek Island of Santorini, a half-submerged caldera created by the massive second-millennium. If this island was where the city was located, then it might actually be true. If it was half submerged, then why wouldn’t it be able to fully sink to the bottom of the sea.

Here are some questions to think about... Is there really a lost city of Atlantis? Will it re-emerge in the coming years? What are your thoughts on this legendary city?  Like they say, anything can happen and anything is possible.


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