They all say my name

...like an afterthought

I wish I could be


But, no one cares for

The Outcast girl

My sister stands in

The bright spotlight

My brother is the

Smartest of us

I'm just a shadow

F L i t I N g about

Not cute, not smart, but

I DANCE at night

With the s*t*a*r*s and dark

By the old park

There is more to me

Than people see

I said to my friend,

At the day's end

I'm not a bunch of

R a N d O m W o R d S love,

There's rhythm in me

Wish They could see

I'll just keep dancin'

'Till They're glancin'

And B L  O   W    T     H      E       M        A         W          A           Y

One of these days

          ~Amber Marie

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