​We all live downstream

We all live downstream mean anything we do to the waters or our environment will come back to us in some way. You never know how many plant and animals are affected by our pollution. Some of our things that we do to cause water pollution are oils pills, For example the Exxon Valdez broke up in Prince William Sound in Alaska, 1989. Around 12 million gallons of oil went into the pristine wilderness. About 10,000 to 2,800 sea otters and 34,000 to 250,000 sea birds were killed.  Our everyday plastics like plastic bottles, plastic bottle holders etc. In the sea we find a lot of plastics wash up on shore and many living creatures are harmed from those things. Plastic are very dangerous when it comes to sea birds, fish and other marine creatures. For example, plastic fishing lines and other debris can strangle or choke fish. Chemical wastes are not common polluters but they still have an effect. Toxic pollution comes from heavy metals, such as cadmium and mercury. Tributyltin (TBT) was used in paint to protect boats from effects of the oceans. For example, in 1938 a Japanese factory discharged a great amount of mercury metal into Minamata Bay. It contaminated all of the fish stock there. No one knew about it until 10 years later. About 2,000 people were poisoned and hundreds of people died or were disabled. Our biggest environmental problems come from our own actions and our own choices.

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