About the Scholastic Writing Contest

Are you interested in being an author or artist? Read on to learn about an awesome opportunity!

First, some background information. In 1923, the Scholastic Awards became a reality, and in 1927, the name changed to Scholastic Art and Writing Awards after officials decided to add arts to the contest . In 1936, the first exhibition featuring winning admissions was held  April 21 through May 10, at Carnegie Institute's  Fine Arts Galleries, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Successive exhibitions moved to the Chicago Art Institute, in Philadelphia, the National Gallery in Washington D.C., and the American Museum on Natural History in New York City. Now this exhibition is an annual event to help aspiring artists and authors to receive more recognition for their hard work.

Many famous people began their careers by entering the Awards. Some Scholastic mentions are:   Andy Warhol, John Baldessari, Sylvia Plath, Charles White, Truman Capote, Mozelle Thompson, Stephen King, and Lena Dunham, just to name a few.

The Awards are a way for creative students to earn recognition and even scholarships. If you are an artist, poet, novelist, a short story writer, a video game designer, or a photographer, this contest is for you!  There are other categories, too, so consider entering! Your work could be showcased online or in the Art.Write.Now. exhibition in 2020. Begin working on your entry today!

 If you want to learn more, check out their website https://www.artandwriting.org/ 

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