Sleep Deprivation: The Health Risks

Sleep is a really important and vital factor in our lives. It allows us to think properly and manage stress better. However, only 15% of teens have been reported sleeping 8 1/2 hours at school nights which is the minimum amount of sleep for the teens to function best. This means that 85% of teens do not get the required amount of sleep on school nights. Although loss of sleep is treatable, it is caused by different factors and it's still dangerous for a teen's health.

Health risks include a change in mood and behavior, loss of cognitive ability, and its effects can be felt during your school day and when driving a car. How does can sleep deprivation take a toll on a teen's mood? Teenagers are already dealing with a multitude of bodily changes, but a lack of sleep  can make them overly-sensitive,  and regulating moods becomes harder. Teens are more prone to getting mad over what otherwise would be small things, and there are increased problems with memory and reduced concentration abilities, indecisiveness, and a lack creative energy. 

The fact is, getting enough sleep affects almost every part of a person's life, and getting enough sleep keeps teens safe along with others around them. Do yourself a favor and turn in earlier tonight!


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