Measles in America: What Brought the Virus Back

Before, measles was believed to have been eliminated in the United States. Now, due to the rising popularity of the anti-vaccination movement, that status has changed. There have been over 50 cases of measles in New York alone, and it is spreading faster because of the dropping number of vaccinated people. The immense diversity of New York’s population and high tourism rate brings in the virus from a multitude of countries.

The most common reason for parents refusing to vaccinate their children is the misconception that vaccines are linked to autism, along with other diseases. Despite this myth being disproved by countless sources and studies, many parents still stick to this belief. Some states have required that all children must be vaccinated before being accepted into schools in order to maintain  the safety of their students.

Unfortunately, the anti-vaccination movement has been a controversial argument for years. Through formal debates and fights on online forums, both sides of the heated discussion have offered sources, credible and not, to prove they are right. Doctors tend to side with vaccinations, as they have proven to be the end of measles before the rise of the anti-vaccination movement. A common trend of those against vaccines is that the protesters tend to use homeopathy, or natural substance, as an alternative treatment to illnesses.

In short, the anti-vaccination movement has reintroduced measles to the United States. The lower the number of people without vaccinations, the higher the risk of the disease spreading. This may prove to be dangerous for some, or even fatal for others.


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