Two Holidays in November: One to say thanks, and the other...

So, what have you been missing? For the more well-known days of the year, like Christmas, Fourth of July, and Thanksgiving, the government declares them national holidays,  and everyone gets a free day off.  With this logic in mind, one man, Richard Ankli, decided that he to should  create a holiday that would give people another four-day weekend.

Ankli has created holidays like Sourest Day and May Ray Day.  The holiday in question, though is You're Welcomegiving Day. It was created by him in 1977 while he was residing in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Although he has created many holidays, none of them have been successful, including You're Welcomgiving Day. Even though this holidays relates to Thanksgiving, it  shares the same day as  Black Friday, and never caught on.

Black Friday is  a day when people wait in long lines for big discounts prior to Christmas, and some will almost do anything to get these deals. If you search Black Friday online, you will see images of people fighting in stores . There are many stories about how this holiday originated, from two men causing the gold market to crash, slaves having a discount, people flooding towards Philadelphia for the annual Army-Navy game, or to just an odd occurrence when companies would make a huge profit on the day after Thanksgiving. This day eventually led to the creation of small business Saturday/Sunday and Cyber Monday. 

This  is one example of a growing problem:  people forget about manners and do anything to follow the "American Dream." According to, almost 3/4's of Americans believe that manners are being abandoned. So instead of politely saying you're welcome, people go fighting in stores for a television that is 30% off. Why not change all that this year? Use #yourewelcomegivingday this Friday, November 23, instead.


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