Meet the Teacher- Mr. Bauhof

Meet Mr. Bauhof, the religion teacher at First Love Christian Academy. Mr. Bauhof has been working at this school for 2 years. I interviewed him because he is the youngest teacher and he understands us students well.

I asked Bauhof how he found out about First Love and he said “I knew a student that went here and he told me that there was a job opening at the school, knowing that I wanted a new job”. Bauhof said that his previous jobs were training jobs where he would train people for certain things. He also did Sunday school at his church, and he volunteered places.

Bauhof was home schooled his whole life and never went to a public high school. After he graduated high school, he went to California University of Pennsylvania where he found his favorite subjects to be english and children's literature. He said “children's literature was interesting to me because it was interesting to see how to explain stuff to a child so they understand it”.

Bauhof moved around a lot as a kid. He lived in Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Ohio was his favorite place that he lived because it was the point in his life where he started to make decisions for himself.

A major influence in Bauhof’s life was Brother Wham. He was a major influence to him because Brother Wham invited him to Thursday night bible study where he learned a lot about the bible.

I asked Bauhof about his most memorable teen memory and he said “becoming an only child”. He explained that he was the youngest of his brothers and when his brothers went off to college, he became the only child in the household and it was a change for him. He liked it.

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