The Election... From My Perspective

    Hello, as you all know, last night (November 8, 2016) into today (November 9, 2016) was an event that shook and surprised the nation. I'm not going to talk about my personal opinion on Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, rather than that, I'm going to inform what was going through my mind the moment it happened. So basically, Donald R. Trump became the president elect. That means January 20, 2017, Mr. Trump will become the 45th president of the United States of America. That may bring many changes or much may not change. Hillary Clinton had 228 electoral votes while Donald Trump had 279 votes. The 70 year old, Donald Trump, plans to work on immigration issues and is pro-life. I don't know if you were as surprised as I was, but I stayed up watching "270 to win" and the moment I saw that Trump was elected president I realized that it wasn't a middle school student council election, it was putting a single man in the highest position in our entire country. I would like to see what Trump is going to do for this country; I just hope these next four years don't exactly change my life.

Hi, I'm LaShauna. I have a very strong faith and trust in God. Some of my goals include graduating, going to college and becoming a teacher. School is my main priority and in my free time, I enjoy dance and writing pretty much anything.

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