Juuling Epidemic in NHS

Vaping in Northern High School has become a problem affecting over 1,000 students, and Wall Street Journal  reports that these numbers make it one of the highest schools afflicted in the state. A JUUL is an e-cigarette filled with high nicotine salt, and each JUUL pod is roughly equivalent to 1 pack of cigarettes in nicotine content.  When it comes to NHS, vaping is the new "cool thing." In the last month, almost 60 devices have been confiscated. Students are getting addicted left to right. Nicotine is such an easy accessible chemical, even for young kids. Anyone can buy JUUL pods at the nearest gas station, or purchase them online with any ID from anyone 18 and over. 

Take it from me, juuling and vaping may seem cool, but they are not. I have been addicted for two years now, and have been absorbing nicotine from the equivalent of six packs of cigarettes. Yes, the "buzz" is a stress reliever and makes the user feel on top of the world, but addition is inevitable. I'v e spent over $200 this year, money I could have had for something else, but absorbing such high nicotine levels with each pod makes the draw of juuling unbearable.  When students are in school for almost eight hours at a time, the need for a "fix" is inevitable. Kids meet up in the bathroom and pass vapes in circles to get there "buzz" before class. Some kids hit on them in class or any where they can go because its small enough to hide.  

When it comes to school administrators, they don't really have a "prevention, " just standard punishment. 

  • For the first offense :  Juuls are confiscated, students receive one day of  in-school suspension, and they will receive a referral to the Student Assistant Program. 
  •  For a Second Offense:  Students will pay $75 plus court fees and will be assigned more ISS. 
  • For the 3rd offense:   A report will be filed with the district judge, students will receive ISS,  OSS, or be expelled.

Unfortunately, this will not stop students from vaping. It will only make it harder for those vaping. NHS may want to consider programs that help instead of disciplinary measures. 

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