Stress management 101 - High School Version

School is back, and for some, that means stress. It doesn’t matter if you’re an upperclassman or underclassman, teachers start piling on the tests, homework, and worst of all.. projects.  A glance at your week shows two tests on Monday, three worksheets due on Tuesday, and a project you needed two weeks to complete due on Friday.  The more you think about all you have to do in a short amount of time, the more your stress level goes through the roof.  But don’t lose hope.  There are simple ways to alleviate the pressure you’re feeling.

The first step is to make a list of everything you have to do, from the most pressing things to the least. This way you won’t forget anything and you use your time wisely.  Then completely forget that list and put it away.  Focus instead on completing that first task. This will keep the distraction of other homework to a minimum.  

Second, lay out everything you need (pens, pencils, paper, etc). Then take five to ten minute breaks between each assignment, or every two hours.  The breaks keep you refreshed and energized  to continue to work.  

Don’t forget, self- image is a major stress component.  Thinking positively is vital and may take a lifetime to achieve, but it will make your life a little easier and a lot happier.  You’re here for only four years.  It comes and goes quicker than you think, then it’s off to bigger and better things, sometimes in a completely different place with completely different people.  Take this time to find out who you are and accept yourself.  If you don’t like something, change it.  Work to enhance the good.  Strive for perfect grades, but as long as you tried your hardest, don't stress too much if you fall short.  And don’t worry much about other people’s expectations. Please yourself.

~Hayley Van Lierde

Broadcasting Intern

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