Mother's Day

Mothers Day is fast approaching! Celebrate your dear mom with flowers or simply tell her how much you appreciate her! 

 May 13th we celebrate all mothers across the globe. This holiday was invented by Anna Jarvis in 1908. The United States recognized it as a holiday in 1914 when Woodrow Wilson signed the papers to establish it.  

Jarvis wanted  a day to commemorate the efforts of her mother and other women who treated both confederate and union soldiers during the Civil War. She strove to establish a day to honor all mothers, and on May 10, the church where her mother taught Sunday school did just that. They wore white carnations, Jarvis' mother's favorite flower, to signify a mother's love. Jarvis took things even further with her letter writing campaign, getting the support of the World's Sunday School Association and floral industry, until it was eventually established as a formal holiday by President Wilson. However, Jarvis would later spend the rest of her life trying to get the holiday she helped establish removed from the calendar. In her eyes, commercialism tainted what was supposed to be a serious remembrance. Businesses used the day to increase sales and profits of everything from flowers to greeting cards. Although she tried to do everything she could,  from stopping the sale of white carnations, to asking  and attempting to sue the floral industry, she spent her last days in a mental asylum in West Chester Pennsylvania, partly paid for by a group of florists.

Despite the rather bleak views of Anna Jarvis, Mothers Day, for most, is a day for sons and daughters to treat their mother with extra kindness. My siblings and I purchase roses and take my mother out for breakfast. What will you do for your mom this Mother's Day? 

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