Love, Simon Run-through

Simon Spier is your average 17 year old, only he’s a life changing secret. After an anonymous user going by the name of “Blue”,  writes a post revealing that he is gay, Simon finds himself counting down the minutes until he receives a reply from Blue. Love, Simon showcases the difficulty and struggle that anyone faces when discovering their sexuality. It displays emotions that anyone may experience. Unfortunately for Simon, his secret was used against him by another classmate in hopes that Simon would be able to pair him with his soulmate. Simon was publicly outed on the same website that he found Blue on. 

At the end of the movie Blue turns out to be someone Simon knows, and he is finally ready to identify himself to others. He joins Simon in probably the most realistic portrayal of a same sex couple in the movies at present. Love, Simon has been changing people's views on the LGBTQ+ community since it hit theaters on March 16th, and it has made individuals aware of hard it is to be viewed differently than others.

~Trenton Fake

i’m kinda gay

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