April Final: March Madness

So what was March madness? Glad you asked. March Madness was a tournament for the NCAA, where one round elimination games determined the best of best. And the winning team? Villanova Wildcats trounced the Michigan Wolverines on April 2, winning their second  championship in three years with a final score of 79-62. And projections for next year for the team look good. Most predict that the Wildcats will again be a contender, possibly earning them another championship. 

There were a lot of scoring from each team's stars. Michigan's Muhammad Ali Abdur-Rahkman shot for 21 points, but Villanova's Donte DiVincenzo's efforts earned his team 31 points, capturing the most outstanding player award. DiVincenzo will move to a starting position next season. Although there were surprises along the way, Villanova's wins should convince anyone doubting their skills on the court. The team won each of their six games  with scores in the double figures. The last team to do this was North Carolina in 2009. 

This year's  tournament involved 68 teams, but most agreed that it was a good year for college basketball!

~Kristian Morris

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