Let Spring be Your Guide

Bumble bees buzz, butterflies flutter, birds sing, and wildlife flourishes. Spring is beloved season. It is, in a sense, the beginning. When we think of spring , we sometimes think of it as the end of a harsh, cold winter, but if you take a deeper look, you'll find it can mean so much more.

As spring starts, the ground begins to warm, making way for new flowers to sprout, and reviving the color of nature all around us. Leaves that are lost in the fall and winter months are brought back to life in the essence of this season.

Many animals who sleep and hide for the winter leap to action at the first sight of a spring sunshine. Every animal from tall to small does something to protect themselves from the clutches of winter's harsh climate. This however, is not what I want to talk about today. Spring, in many works of art is seen as a sign of love, renewal, youth, and growth. It’s actually quite easy to see where this comes from if we  look toward nature as our guide.  Why not make this a time for personal renewal too?

~Cody Cutler

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