What do you know about Saint Patrick's Day?

St. Patrick's day, a celebration filled with food, music, dance, and drink is celebrated every March 17th. The holiday honors the death of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, who is credited for bringing Christianity to the country. The first Saint Patrick's Day celebration happened in America in 1762 because Irish immigrants wanted to pay homage to their Irish roots. Before this time,  the holiday was only considered a religious obligation by the nation’s Catholics. The idea of a celebration for Saint Patrick's Day spread quickly, and today a huge commercial holiday, celebrated worldwide .

Those who commemorate this holiday in America do so by feasting on food with family. Corn beef and cabbage is a familiar dish served at most tables, as well as Irish Soda Bread, potatoes, and Irish Stew. Most towns  across the country hold a parade as part of the days festivities. Larger cities, like Chicago, go even further.  Their  annual celebrations includes dying the Chicago River green.

Other countries observe the holiday like those in America do:  with copious amounts of food and fun. Dublin, Ireland,  hosts  a Saint Patrick's Day festival featuring a parade and a variety of other performances and activities. In other parts of Ireland,  similar events occur, and celebrations continue throughout the night.

~Shawnee Cranfill

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