Scholarships you can get in High School

Looking to go to college, but do not no what scholarships are out there? Why not check little known scholarships? One just might be right for you.

1. If you are an athlete, why not check out the Big Run Scholarship?  It doesn't matter what sport you play, and it you're accepted, $500 will go towards your dream college,. The due date for application is June 19. 

2. If you are planning to pursue  a Biology major, there is a scholarship called the Garden of York. This scholarships is for anyone who plans to further their education in Biology, Horticulture, Floriculture, Landscape architecture, Conservation, Land Mgmt., and/or allied subjects like Wildlife Sciences, or Environmental Control.  To apply, you must write a short essay, and if you're accepted,  $1,000 goes towards your dream college. Due date for application is this month, by  February 15. 

3. There are scholarships for almost every area of schooling.  American Society of Highway Engineers is a Scholarship is for students who plan to go to college to further their education as a Highway Engineer. Candidates  must plan on attending a four year school that leads to Bachelor's degree in engineering. Scholarship awards can be up too $1,500. 

4. Locally, the Dillsburg Area Business Association sponsors a Scholarship for students who live in the Northern York County.  If accepted, students will receive $1000 for college.  

Check out these and other scholarships by making an appointment with your guidance counselor, or checking out Naviance's Career and College Readiness pages (https://www.northernpolarbears...) on Northern High School's  website (Quick Links Area).

~Kristian Morris

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