Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat: December/January Rehearsal Update

It’s that time of the year again! No, not the holidays, it’s musical season! Students at Northern High School will put on a production of the hit Broadway musical, “Joseph and the Amazing, Technicolor Dreamcoat,” this March, and rehearsals are now in session!

Back in November, students auditioned for the musical, but now it’s time to get to work. Tuesday, December 19th, was the cast’s first script read through. Well...sort of. At the read through, the cast got their scripts and rehearsal schedules, as well as  a chance to hang out and watch the 1999 film version of the musical. It was their first chance to be together as a cast before full rehearsals began this month.

The following Thursday, the cast got together for their first official rehearsal. During the first half, the cast worked on vocals and then choreography for the song, “Go, Go, Go, Joseph,” but because of the upcoming holiday break, it was kind of hard to focus.

After the holiday break, the cast wasted no time with rehearsals starting back up again on January 2nd, and will be ongoing until the performances in March. The rehearsals usually run for about thee hours, during which the cast works on one of three things:  vocals, choreography, or scene blocking. Vocals for songs are practiced in the high school’s chorus room, while scene blocking and choreography are practiced on the auditorium stage. As rehearsals began, the cast worked primarily on act one, but they have since progressed to the beginning of act two.

The directors and cast are working hard to put together the best possible show in March, and are excited to show everybody just what they have in store. Check back next month to see how rehearsals have progressed, and how the directors and cast are feeling right before showtime.

~Trenton Grace

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