Dead People You Should Know: Leelah Alcorn

Dead People You Should Know-Leelah Alcorn

                Leelah Alcorn was a young transgender female who had a hope in her heart. She died on December 28, 2014. Her story went crazy through the LGBT+ community when her suicide note was posted on

                When Leelah came out to her family, she got a very negative reaction. They denied her want to get transitional treatment and instead sent her to conversion therapy. When she started having crushes on her male classmates, she was pulled out and sent home. Leelah said that loneliness and alienation are a main reason she decided to end her life.

                Leelah committed suicide by stepping into oncoming traffic on Interstate 71.

                Even after her depressing and sudden death, her parents still refused to call her the real name and pronouns when fighting against all these people bashing them.

                Leelah’s Law was created based on her death and actually got noticed by President Obama. Leelah’s Law stated that a ban should be placed on conversion therapy. Many new hashtags and sayings became visible thanks to Leelah’s tragic death.

“Leelah Alcorn. Rest In Power”


Further Reading: (Suicide Note transcript that has since been deleted from Tumblr)

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