Chong's Korean Restaurant in Aberdeen, MD

   Chong's Korean restaurant is unmatched for service and food. They offer a variety of Korean cuisine, and don't  worry about spicy dishes. The staff is always willing to make changes to please your pallet.  With exceptionally low prices,  it is  a perfect place for a date or just  a quick bite during your lunch break.  The restaurant also offers a wide variety of drinks, from Sprite to rice soda, Chong's  has it all.   

When my friends and I arrived, we immediately felt at home. The cozy interior offers a sense of warmth and comfort, and though the walls are covered with standard landscape paintings, the yellow walls brighten everything. I sampled Bibimbap (pictured), which is rice, vegetables, egg, and tofu or meat covered in a Gochujang sauce (red chili paste that is both savory and sweet.)

The restaurant is located at 17 Aberdeen Shopping Plaza, in Maryland, and is open from 11am to 8pm. I highly recommend stopping in if you're ever in Aberdeen. The food is certainly worth the drive.

~Shawnee Cranfill

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