Northern's K-Week

Northern Gives Back Through Annual K-Week

Northern High School Key Club engaged in its annual K-week, a week long event to promote service in the community. Each day represented a different way to encourage service.

On Monday, Key club members showed their public service for "Show your K" day. They wore their club shirts to influence the school to serve the community as they do. On Tuesday, "Kudos to the Key Players" day gave thanks to the Northern staff for all the hard work that they do. On Wednesday, “Dare to Care” day, Key Club members promoted their annual Penny War, a competition by grade to raise money for the Wounded Warriors Project. Each day, students brought in pennies to put in their container and silver coins to put in the opposing grades’ container. Each penny added to their grade’s point value and each silver coin subtracted points from their opposing team. The students competed to have the most points by the end of the week in an effort to raise money for the Wounded Warriors Project, chosen in honor of Veteran’s Day. On Thursday, "Random Acts of Kindness Day" encouraged staff and students to show random acts of kindness to their fellow peers and staff.

K week always influences Northern in a special way and provides an outlet for students to give back to their community. According to Club President, Olivia Keyser, the goal is to "encourage everyone in our school, not only members of Key Club, to participate in spreading kindness and recognizing service within our school and community."

K-week not only encourages students to participate in each day’s event, it also helps collect canned food for New Hope Ministries. (New Hope Ministries is a Christian social service agency that shows love and hope of Christ by serving our neighbors in times of need and supporting their efforts towards stability.) Throughout the week, Key Club invited students to bring in canned goods in order to benefit this local organization. Through their efforts, Northern presented New Hope Ministries with more resources to continue serving our community.

After this week, Key Club hopes to continue their support efforts and to involve all Northern students. Together, we can make a difference.

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