Are the police stepping out of their boundary?

     Yes i personally think the police get away with a lot more than what they should. They do the craziest things to people and don’t get in trouble in any possible way and if they do it's usually a paid leave. They usually pick the black community the most, and that's where they get a lot of stuff that they do. They throw them around, treat them differently and the way they act towards them in unacceptable. Now i'm not saying that all police officers do that but the majority do. For example a young black man was walking home at night and was stopped by the police, he followed the directions and listened to everything they told him to do. The little boy ended up being shot and killed for not one reason, he didn’t have any drugs, alcohol, weapons no nothing.  I’m not saying that the little boy was acting innocent he probably was cussing and acting a way after the cop resorted to a rough manner. Now not all cops are bad and some really want to help people but there are only a few. For example me and my cousin andrea were at her apartment watching TV one day with her three pit bulls flip, juice and kiki. Now these dogs literally wouldn't hurt a fly. But that day her neighbors had got into a fight and someone had called the cops, the officers came over and we're asking everyone questions. When he knocked on the door flip started to bark and got a little too excited when he seen people so because of that the officer shot him right in the head and claimed he was trying to bite him. The dog literally ran to the door to see what was going on and got killed because of it.  And since the cop called it “self defense” the officer got in no trouble at  all. The puppy grew up with all of us plus her little child that was 3 at the time, the death affected her daughter more than anyone. The system to me is all messed up, they go after little stuff like people with a blunt or a little bag of weed but what they need to be doing is chasing the child molesters, big drug dealers, robbers and the list goes on and on. This is what makes me think that officers abuse their power and get away with so much more compared to people without a badge.

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