“Nub Nation” Supports Shriner’s Hospital

Northern DECA started a new campaign entitled “Nub Nation.” Paul Feite and Jake Koser, members of the club, came up with the idea to start “Nub Nation” to support Feite and his disability. However, the idea expanded, and Nub Nation has now raised funds to support Shriner’s Hospital for Children, a hospital that specializes in keeping costs down for children with orthopedic issues and spinal cord injuries.

When Feite and Koser realized what else Nub Nation could do, they asked fellow project member, Gillian Renninger, to design t-shirts to support this additional cause. They sold these during all lunch periods. As head of the project, Renninger  liked that she was helping to raise money for kids, but it was also more personal. “I feel like it meant a little bit more to Paul because it’s for, and in support of, him.”

DECA will continue to sell the shirts during lunches and from the school store in order to raise as much money as possible for Shriner’s Hospital. The hospital helped provide Feite with a prosthesis he uses to do things like lift weights with the wrestling team. Feite personally recommended Shriners, saying, “I’ve been going to Shriner’s in Philly for longer than I can remember. Giving back to them means a lot to me and my family.”

Feite also commented on the campaign itself. “I love all the support from everyone. Just seeing someone with a shirt makes me feel good because I struggled so much when I was younger. Being able to talk about my difference and mess around with it is one of the best things for me.”

Help support this cause by buying a“Nub Nation” t-shirt!

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