Family Feud Game!

GAMES GAMES GAMES!!!! Every year at Wellsboro Area High school during homecoming week we have a game to earn class points. This year we played Family Feud and BOY was it tons of fun! Harmony Benner and Karinthia Witmer were the hosts. At the blue table was Cortney Renninger, Jayden Lacoe, Brett Rudy, Marissa Eddy, and Mr. Brill. At the yellow table was Devin Webster, Andrew Brelo, Josiah Hill, Logan Henry, and Mrs. Getty. The yellow table won!

"How do you feel right now?"


"Of what are u most proud of?"

"Getting on stage for the first time!"


" I'm a singing fun-loving cat lady. Who loves to make people laugh. I also double as a writer!"

"What is your favorite movie?"

"I LOVE "The Breakfast Club"

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