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At the beginning of this school year, Mr. Lehman showed teachers a video that focused on what someone may be thinking but not showing  to the outside world. He then asked if Mrs. Fobes' interns and second year Television Production students would work with the Avedum Club (and their club advisers:  Mrs. DePalmer, Mrs. Gunning, and Mr. Neesen) to create a video that focused on what might be the mindset of students  during a typical day.  Student response was overwhelming. Television Production students first thought up possible scenarios. They then asked Avedum students, Broadcast I students, and others to act in the film, and then year two students and interns filmed the final scenes.

Sam Brandt offered to be the editor for this project, adding both music and special effects, and the results were thought-provoking. The video was not only shown  to students on the NHS Morning News show, but it was shared with the program coordinator of Rachel's Challenge, an inspiring school program that promotes a chain reaction of kindness. 

*We use for all music since they allow both commercial and in-house use with just a mention and/or link to their site.

I am obsessed with the weather. I am slightly less obsessed with photography.

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