Losing Your Favorite Animal

              When I was three years old, I got a puppy which was a pitbull. My family and I decided to name her Lexus. When I was young, I would climb on her, lay on her, and sleep with her. She went on car rides with us, and when we would go on vacation, I would be upset because we couldn't bring her. Lexus should extra love especially when my mother and father broke up.

            One memory I have with her was when my brother and me played football. We decided to let her play with us. It was Lexus and me against my brother, Aidan. We got the ball first. We got in a huddle and I told her to run up and bite Aidan until I get a touchdown. I said, "Down. Set. Hut." I ran all the way to the touchdown and when I made it, I saw Lexus holding on to my brothers hand. When she finally let go, my brother ran to my mom and yelled at me. Even though I got grounded, that memory still makes me laugh.

          When I turned fourteen years old, Lexus passed away. My sister ran to me and was like the dog isn't moving. I ran to see and she was dead. Now my sister at least cries once a month because Lexus is gone. My family love her to death and she will always be remembered. 

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