People and their Pets

A lot of people have pets. In fact it has been scientifically shown that pets can help you feel more happy and they help you feel more healthy too! Which is why I have compiled some of your fellow peers and friends with their pets!

Here’s what Jodi Custred told me about her cat Raven “She’s AWESOME because she’s a black cat!!!

Staci Osborne says “ She LOVES to cuddle!”

(Staci actually has MANY animals! Including goats, horses, a donkey, a dog, a ferret, and 4 cats, But Ava is her favorite!)

GiGi: What’s your favorite thing about Kush?

Dylan Clark: He’s stupid!

GiGi- What do you mean?

Dylan: He just does stupid things.


When I asked Makaela Huck what her favorite thing about her bunny was she said “He’s so cute!!!”

“He’s more friendly than other guinea pigs!”- Josef Ellis

(Cody has a TON of odd pets! Including a ferret, a parrot, a snake, a bearded dragon, a piranha, and two frogs, and MANY more!!!)

*Featured are his piranha named Spaz, and his two frogs named Tim and Allen*

GiGi- Why is your piranha named Spaz?

Cody Hartman: It’s because he spazzes out a LOT!

GiGi- What’s your favorite thing about him?

Cody: He hits the tank a lot and it’s funny!

I asked him what his favorite thing about Tim and Allen was and here is what he had to say… “They fight!”

Wellsboro has some pretty cool people and along with those cool people there are some pretty cool pets!!!

"How do you feel right now?"


"Of what are u most proud of?"

"Getting on stage for the first time!"


" I'm a singing fun-loving cat lady. Who loves to make people laugh. I also double as a writer!"

"What is your favorite movie?"

"I LOVE "The Breakfast Club"

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