The Great Panda

Most people know pandas to be one of the mankind’s most beloved zoo animals because of their cuddly and adorable looks. Their native homeland (China) considers them a national treasure. Sadly, one of the most loved creatures on earth is on the endangered species list. What remains of their population is 1600 in the wild (According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and 100 in captivity)

  The pandas are identified by a few names. Some of them including great pandas, particolored bears, bamboo bears and white bears. As furthermost individuals know that what makes them matchless is their outsized magnitude and distinctive black and white areas of color. It is believed that this delivers façade. (According to the Smithsonian National Zoo) In the wild, they are discovered merely in remote rugged constituencies in the interior of China known as Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu provinces. (According to the National zoo) This area is notorious for their cool, damp forestry. Perfect for the crown jewel of China. The pandas make their burrows from hollowed-out logs or conifer tree stumps from in the woodland.

  Pandas are also famous for their desire of bamboo. They do what many Americans dream, to eat for 12 hours a day. Of course not regular human food like ice cream or hamburgers, just 28 pounds of bamboo a day. (According to National Geographic) They have to eat such large quantities because of the low nutritional value. (San Diego Zoo) What most people don’t know is that pandas are actually omnivores because their diet doesn’t just consist of bamboo, they also eat rodents, fish, insects, and birds.

 As you can see, there is more to pandas then just their cuddly appearance. I hope this inclines people to learn more about pandas and help assist researchers to further the cause to end their endangerment.

What is red and blue, and purple and green?

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