Apple VS Android

As an Apple lover myself, I may be a bit biased but everything from the look and games. Sure, they may not deliver a super screen resolutions, but there are even more reasons why Apple is the preferred brand over Android

  Most people consider the layout of Apple devices as simple and beautiful. There is almost always more features in apps then  Android and almost all of the things they come up with are original. For example, the emojis we see almost everyday were originally from Apple. When Android tried to replicate it, they were not even measurable to the beauty of the good ole apple emoijis. Or, when Apple started the "personal assistant on your phone" craze.  It was always originally Siri, but then Android came up with "galaxy".

  Other then the fact Android is a wannabe of Apple, Apple users can enjoy regular and efficient updates of their systems. They do not have to buy a whole new device to get the new update like Android users. Apple even offers these updates to devices that are three years old. Android's 2 year support for old devices is cut far more short then Apple.

  As you can see, the Apple brand is superior to Andriod.

What is red and blue, and purple and green?

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