The Silence Ends Now 60-second PSA

Four Northern students recently collaborated to create public service announcements for mental health awareness.  The focus of the PSAs was youth mental health, with this year's theme being,  The Silence Ends Here.  Lydia Saurman wrote a spoken word poem addressing the fact that a person's scars may not be visible, Nico Bynum composed the musical score, and Katie Johnson and Josh Mallow filmed and edited the entries.

The contest, sponsored by Safe School/Healthy Students, Youth Mental Health Alliance, and York County System of Care, allowed students to submit one entry in three possible categories:  60 second video PSA, 30 second video PSA, and 30 second audio PSA.  Because our students' video was so powerful, students entered all three categories, cutting the project in half in order to enter the 30 second classifications.  Prize money will be awarded to the top three submissions in each category, and any winnings will go towards supporting our broadcast program. 

~Sue Fobes

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