Review of New TV Show: Iron Fist

I used to think DC was better than Marvel in the television department. I only thought that because most DC shows are PG and I can actually watch them without my parents freaking out. That in it of itself may make DC better but I am fine with some sketchy scenes if it furthers the plot or just makes sense to the show. My father has the exact opposite view; he thinks a plot is not worth it if it requires bad scenes and/or language to function properly. I like DC and that is all I really watched until Iron Fist came out. The other marvel TV Heroes I knew were dirty but the Iron fist was a real wild card, and I have not really heard much about him. This is not really a spoiler but there is a "naughty" scene in Iron Fist, even though there is nothing truly shown, it is mostly implied. There was limited violence and I was very pleased with the series. I am the type of person who would rather watch a quality TV series but then let it consume my thought and think about it all the time. That is exactly what happened when I watched the Iron Fist. There are 13 episodes, and each one is an hour long. I watched the whole thing in 3 days. I barely did homework or came out of my room except for school and sports. I knew it was a good show and I was addicted but I finished it. While it did have a lot of death, blood, and fighting scenes, I enjoy that kind of show but if you do not, I would not recommend this show. Personally: 4.5 out five stars.

I am Danny Rand, protector of Kunlun and sworn enemy of the hand.

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