Fear: Chickens

     I for one claim to not be scared of anything, which is a lie. I'm only scared of two things. None of the generic fears such as spiders, clowns, the dark, or even death. But I am scared of my mother(out of respect), and chickens. Trust me, I have a reason too be scared of chickens. One day, during Vacation Bible School, some people from my church brought in chickens. I, being a nice girl, tried too feed it bread. It looked pretty hungry to me. So I got closer and closer and put my finger along with the bread into the cage, the chicken was very quiet, so I though it was normal. But as the chicken got closer and started making purring noises. I believe the chicken was confused and thought my finger was the bread because it let out a loud noise and bit my finger. No big deal, but later that day, they let the chicken out. It must of smelled me, and remembered I ate one of its relatives, for as soon as it was released from it's cage, it charged towards me. I, of course, screamed and ran away, but it was a very scarring event that I hope will not haunt me for the rest of my life. As a joke now, my brother bought me a chicken onesie and clucks at me when I think I'm home alone. This my sound like a funny story, but it was very frightening when it happened. I would like to ask you though; what are you afraid of? 

Hi, I'm LaShauna. I have a very strong faith and trust in God. Some of my goals include graduating, going to college and becoming a teacher. School is my main priority and in my free time, I enjoy dance and writing pretty much anything.

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