My Experiences As A Student With Asperger's

My name is Raevyn, and I have Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism. My condition is both an integral part of me and a barrier--at the same time. In this article, I will be talking about the positives and the negatives.

Disclaimer: Please don't assume that everything I say applies to all autistic people. Always remember that we're  a widely-varied group.

One good point is that I'm a very fast reader--when I was last tested, I could read 357 words per minute aloud...and that was when I made an effort to slow down. However, this is sometimes a problem because I'd rather read than socialize. When I was younger, a lot of my school problems stemmed from my habit of reading when the teacher was talking!

A bad part of my autism is that I have misophonia, or an intolerance to certain sounds. I cannot stand the noise of someone chewing or cracking their knuckles. I try to be polite, but sometimes I cannot help but shudder!

I do have high empathy. I yearn to help people, and I cry at the sight of suffering. This is a good trait, generally, but it can be a hindrance when I see sad things on the news.

I get frustrated easily, and I'm a perfectionist. For me, any grade below 85% is a cause for panic! On the other hand, I've been trying really hard to keep calm these past few months.

I'm clumsy and overall disinterested in sports, and I tend to be awkward when conversing (I find it hard to reply to what others say, even when I'm genuinely  interested). This alienates me from my peers, but I have found a select few who accept me for who I am.

Like many autistic people, I have a few passions, known in certain circles as 'special interests'. I could talk about writing, Adventure Time, or Operation Christmas Child for hours if you let me.

In conclusion, being autistic isn't bad, but it's not always a good experience. My feelings about it are mixed.

My short story, "Sing A New Song," will be published in Planted Word magazine July, 2017. I'm so excited!

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