Interviewing a Veteran

For my English class, we had an assignment that was to come up with ten questions asking about a veteran's experience in the United States Armed Forces and ask someone those questions you knew that served in the Armed Forces. The person I chose to ask was my neighbor, Jason. He served in the Marines for 5 years, from 1998 to 2003. His rank was a corporal. I asked him the following ten questions and these are his answers.

1. What are some emotions you had while you were in the service?

He said he was scared, happy, mad, and sad. 

2. How did your family react when you went into the service?

He said his dad was happy and proud, but his mom was sad and upset at his decision. 

3. How did the experience affect your life when you went back home?

He said it affected him positively and he had a better work ethic when he came home.

4.  What were some life lessons you learned?

He said he learned to not underestimate anyone, have a positive outlook on life, and help others when possible.

5.  Did you have any expectations going into the service?

He said he expected to learn new skills.

6.  What were some of the new skills you learned?

He learned to take down and repair the M249 saw, the M240 gulf, and the M203. He also learned to pack and prepare efficiently.

7.  What do you value now that you aren’t in the service?

He said he values freedom, privacy, family, and friends.

8.  Were there any times that you felt like people treated you differently because you went into the service?

He said some people treated him badly because they dislike the service or are against it.

9.  Did your view of veteran change from before you went into the service to after?

He said he gained more respect of veterans. 

10.  What was your usual everyday routine?

He said at 5 am he would get up and get ready then all day he would do training until he went to bed.

I think this project was very important and I enjoyed being able to learn more about what life is like being in the service from someone who was actually in the Armed Forces. I would encourage others to do this to learn more about their community and gain more knowledge of veterans.

I'm a sophomore in high school. I love to read and write. Museums and libraries are my favorite places to be.

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