Turning My Life Around.

My Name is Janae Elizabeth Philips and I'm 14 years old.  My life has been a complete roller coaster with many ups and downs .  I was adopted at 8 hours old and have been with my family for 13 years. Yes, it has been hard because you have must face the fact that your real mom gave you to someone else to love and care for you. I have to deal with this realization everyday.  I have very bad anger  problems due to PTSD.  I have always avoided dealing with my problems.  I went down the wrong road and could not turn back.  I have been away from the family for a long time due to the repercussions of my anger, and I have been in trouble with the law since I was 12 .  It was May 22, 2015 when they sent me away to a place called Adelphoi Village to work on my anger and PTSD.  I could only see my family every Sunday and get to talk on the phone with them everyday.  It was really hard and I missed them very much; I was very angered there because I was in a girls' home with women that didn't care about me. I made some good friends with others in the program.  10 months later, on March 4, 2016,  the decision was made that it was safe to send me home.  A few months later, I was back to where I was again; I was back at Wash High and was hanging out with the wrong people.  I did something that I should have never done.  I made a bad choice and i ended up right back at Adelphoi. I was away from my  family for 2 weeks and got in one fight.  The day they were sending me home I realized I had learned a lot.  The point of this article is to help young teens that struggled like me.  Its not worth getting sent away from your family and learning everything the hard way.  I am now 14 years old and i have excelled in everything that I am doing and I want to keep it that way. If your going down the road I went down ,please, get help and try to turn your  life around before it gets worse.  

Janae  Elizabeth .


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