What Is PTSD?

       People may ask what is PTSD? Post Dramatic Stress Disorder is a condition of persistent mental and emotional stress occurring as a result of injury or severe psychological shock, typically involving disturbance of sleep and constant vivid recall of the experience, with dulled responses to others and to the outside world.  I'm 13 years old, and I have PTSD; I didn't  know what this was in the beginning, but my mom started seeing signs and looked up all the symptoms. I matched all the symptoms perfectly: my actions, irritability, and how i distanced myself from others. I went to see a doctor; the conclusion was that I had PTSD from all the horrid events I had experienced.  I have learned how to manage my condition, but sometimes I have flashbacks.  I just have to deal with my condition in the ways i have adapted to.  My symptoms were continuous sleeping , holding in my feelings, pushing everyone away and never talking about it.  I now have coping skills that I use and help me tremendously.  One thing about PTSD is that you have triggers and people can set you off, but you have to use your anger management skills and think about how far you will have come from that dark place you once were.

Janae  Elizabeth .


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