What Adoption Feels Like

My name is Janae Elizabeth Philips and I was adopted at 8 hours old.  I have been with my family for 14 years.  It takes a long time to get over something like that, and my family has helped me get through theses rough times. The question that replays in your mind, like a record, when your adopted is," Why don't you love me and why did you have to give me away?"  That question is always in my mind and I have so many questions that i would like to ask my birth mother.  When people  ask me about my adoption, I tell them about my experience but it always makes me cry.  People always make jokes about it.  Yes, it hurts when people do that but they only make jokes because they don't know how it feels like.  The one thing that makes me cry is when people ask me why my whole family is white and I tell them the whole story. People can be very hurtful with their words, so remember to what what you say and to take consideration into other's feelings.

 I wish i knew more about my family...

Janae  Elizabeth .


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