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I've noticed lately by my family and friends actually don't know that much about the different types of coffee, and usually when they go to coffee shops, they're confused by the many options. I made this article to hopefully help those that have no idea what all the different types of coffee are. 

Affogato: This is a shot of separately served espresso that is later poured over the top of a scoop of vanilla ice cream or gelato. It's usually  served in a short drink glass. Popular types of this coffee is Vanilla Affogato, Mocha Affogato, and Peppermint Affogato. 

Americano: This drink is made by diluting 1-2 shots of espresso with hot water to approximate the flavor, body, and texture of an American-style drip coffee. 

Babycino: This is a cappuccino styled drink that is served in a café typically for children. It consists of warm milk in a small cup with milk froth and chocolate powder on top.

Black Coffee: This can either be a drip brew and a French press style drink. It contains no sweetener in it.

Breve: This drink is an espresso coffee made with a half-and-half light cream or semi-skin milk.

Caffe Freddo: This is a chilled, sweetened espresso served in a tall glass, usually with ice.

Caffe Latte or "Latte": This drink consists of freshly steamed milk without foam in a tall glass with a shot of espresso coffee. 

Caffe Mocha: This beverage is a combination of chocolate syrup and a shot of espresso. It's topped with steamed milk and a layer of foam.  Chocolate is sprinkled on top.

Cappuccino Chiaro: This is a cappuccino prepared with extra milk.

Cappuccino Scuro: This is a cappuccino prepared with less milk.

Cappuccino: This consists of steamed foamed velvety milk poured over one shot of coffee oil extract made from 12gm of freshly ground beans producing 38ml of essence. It's finished by topping with foam and a sprinkle of chocolate powder.

Con panna: It's like a macchiato, but instead of whipped cream it has steamed milk.

Cortado: Since the word 'cortado' means 'cut' in Spanish, the double shot espresso served in a demetesse glass supported with a metal handle is "cut" with an equal part of hot milk, making it in between the size and strength of a macchiato and a cappuccino.

Corretto: This is an espresso with a touch of grappa, cognac, sambuca, or ither spirit. 

Doppio: It's basically two shots of espresso in one demitasse container. It has twice the amount of coffee and twice the amount of water. 

Espresso con Panna: It is a macchiato with milk froth instead of whipped cream.

Espresso Lungo: This drink is extracted longer for a bit of extra espresso.  It maximizes the caffeine but the taste is usually bitter.

Espresso Romano: This rink is an espresso served with a lemon peel on the side.

Flat White: This drink consists of steamed micro-foamed milk poured through and under the espresso crème  produced from one shot of coffee extract.

Iced Coffee: This is a regular coffee just served with ice in it.

Hammerhead: This coffee is only served in the United States. It contains a shot of espresso in a coffee cup that is topped up  with drip-filtered coffee.

Irish Coffee: This is a drink that is coffee mixed with a dash of Irish whiskey and served with cream on top.

Latte Macchiato: This coffee drink is teamed milk served in tall glass rather than a cup that is stained by a shot of espresso coffee. 

Long Black: This is pure coffee made from 1 1/2 shots of coffee extract blended with steamed water. 

Lungo: This is an espresso made by allowing more water to flow through the ground coffee than usual.

Macchiato: In this drink is a touch of steamed foamed milk added to a double shot of coffee extract.

Mazagran: This consists of cold coffee and seltzer water.

Quad: This is an espresso drink made with four shots of coffee.

Ristretto: This is the richest and most concentrated espresso drink. It has less water but the same amount of coffee is used and creates a less bitter espresso. 

Short Black: This drink contains 75ml of pure double shot coffee essence made from 24gm of fresh ground coffee beans. This is referred to as Espresso by European customers. 

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