Country Schools vs. City Schools

                       As a young girl, I grew up in Greene County, Pennsylvania.  Most people have never heard of the little town called Prosperity; this is where i grew up.  Since I can remember , I have always knew everybody.  Everybody where I come from has the same interests, and the majority of the people have the same beliefs.   Growing up in an area with the most rednecks, such as Greene County, can be fun.  Every year the school ,West Greene, would have their Fall Harvest Festival for the community, Middle school, and High School.  We would deep fry everything from Oreos to funnel cakes.  We would have Hay Bale Challenges; this is when two people would be timed to see who could stack them the fastest.  Next thing I knew, I transferred to my new school ,First Love Christian Academy, which is located in Washington, Pennsylvania.  At this school, you can find students from all over the entire world.  Majority of the kids are from the city; now, I am around children who have all different personality traits and come from different regions.  No matter where I go, I have friends from both schools I have attended; this proves no matter where you come from, you can always make a friend.

basketball and volleyball is where I hustle at. keeping my circle small with my lovely weirdo of a best friend LaShauna,. my favorite little cousin Janae , my HBB Queen Sarah, my girl Nicole , and my whitest friend Becca who believes her hair is a weave . don't try to impress, I just do me.

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