Evolution of ADs

In the last few decades, the industry of advertisements has become one of the financially beneficial industries in the world, involving millions of dollars in circulation each day.  The earliest forms of advertisements were public announcements carved out on stone tablets and hanged on the walls. As more and more money started to be invested in this industry, more people to get attracted to it.  This caused many new professions to be created like advertisement designers.

Ad-makers started to find more ways of accessing consumers’ subconscious.  This way people started to buy products that they saw in ads, while not even thinking about it.  As technologies were developing and new trends were created, ads evolved too.

When the cars were invented, more and more ads started to pop up on the streets, because many people could see them.  This is even cause some accidents because of flashy and colorful ads distracting drivers.  A little time later, television was invented, so commercial breaks started to get longer and longer. It was a way for television companies to get money and for business owners to promote their products.

Next big trend in the human history was Internet.  Majority of the world’s population now has an access to Internet.  Internet became like a gold mine for advertisers, and not only for them.  Ordinary people started to make living out of it.  For example, Youtube is one of the biggest social media websites in the world were anyone can upload any video they want.  When it got popular, “Youtubers” started to put ads on their videos that allowed them to make a lot of money.

On the other side, ads have a dark side.  It became one of the most efficient ways to scam people and steal their personal information.  As more people got an access to making ads, they made it so they would promote a non-existing product, get the people to provide their banking information, steal their money, and not even provide anything.

To sum up, I think that ads became one of the biggest issues to humanity.  Even though they are a good way to reach people and spread information about good products, people also use it for negative stuff.  I think the only way to handle it, would be to reduce the amount of people having access to making ads or governments putting more control over it.

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