The Philadelphia Flower Show

         Last Saturday, on March 11th, my family and I traveled to Philadelphia to attend the annual Philadelphia Flower Show. The show, which is produced by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, has a different theme every year, and this year the theme was Holland: Flowering the World. The event is held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, which is huge. It took hours to walk through and look at all of the beautiful exhibits. The displays and exhibits included windmills, bikes, tulips, and wooden Dutch shoes, and I enjoyed taking lots of pictures.

           The attraction at the entrance of the show was, in my opinion, the most beautiful. There was a gorgeous brick bridge with lamps, bicycles, hanging pots filled with flowers, and lots of tulips and a river surrounding the base of the bridge. Behind the bridge, there were windmills and thousands of hanging flowers in the colors purple, red, orange, and pink. One of my favorite exhibits was a display that included dozens of cement head statues. Each statue wore a unique flower crown. There was an arch decorated with hundreds of orchids and many little walk-through gardens that look just like ones you would see in Holland. The show also had a judging contest between four different tablescapes and Dutch doors, which were very pretty. The whole time, you felt as if you were really walking through the countryside in Holland.  

           The Philadelphia Flower Show is definitely something that I would like to attend again. Every year, an average of 250,00 people attend the show, but regardless of the large crowds, it was such a beautiful and unique experience. If you ever find yourself in Philadelphia in early March, you should definitely try to make it to the Philadelphia Flower Show.

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