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    Growing up and even now, I get very stressful. Stress is one of the major reasons some people turn to drugs which is the wrong path and can alter your future God has mapped out for you.  As being a high-school student who is also involved in volunteering, babysitting, running, dancing, and many more, I can personally say I am very stressed. Not only am I stressed by all of my activities, but I am also greatly stressed by outward perspectives of teenagers, administrators, parents, and friends.  I am pretty sure everyone out there can greatly relate.  The main point I am trying to reach is that stress can seem overwhelming, but it is truly about how you react and resolve it.  My biggest stress reliever is writing.  I can't always express how I feel with words, so I write which makes me feel ten times better.  Also as a runner, I run a lot.  So another one of my great stress relievers are running, sometimes for as long as possible and others as fast as I possibly can. I greatly encourage you to find the right stress reliever for you and not turn down the wrong path.  

Hi, I'm LaShauna. I have a very strong faith and trust in God. Some of my goals include graduating, going to college and becoming a teacher. School is my main priority and in my free time, I enjoy dance and writing pretty much anything.

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