Two Sisters

  It was windy that particular day in Norway. Khloe and Lilly’s mother who was dying from leukemia. The worse their mother became; the closer Lily and Khloe came to being placed in an orphanage. Lilly being 10 years old could always make a situation sound better than the expected outcome. Khloe being 13 years old always worried about life. This story will show the reader that with God, nothing is impossible. It will bring you comfort through rough times, and most of all, put a smile on your face.

              You could say it was a rough day for Lily and Khloe. Their mother wasn’t doing any better. Her skin was pale and she had a lot wrinkles for a 35-year-old. Their mother was in her rocking chair and she looked angry, but before they had a chance to ask their mother why she was so angry, she stopped breathing. Khloe told Lily to call the ambulance while she stayed with their mother, but it was too late, their mom was gone. The rest of the day was quiet for everyone. Lily and Khloe could not stand to answer questions from anyone. Mom was gone and it was completely horrible.

                  The next day Lily and Khloe went to the funeral and after would leave with their stuff and go to the orphanage, at least that's where they thought they were going. Mrs. June the lady who owns the orphanage came to pick Lilly and Khloe up and as they got in the car Lily asked many questions about the orphanage, but Khloe was too sad to answer. As they were driving up a hill they both looked out the window and watched the clouds move by. All of a sudden, they pulled into a driveway that looked like a house. Then, Mrs. June opened their car door and said this will be your new home. Lily and Khloe were in shock as they thought they were going to an orphanage. Everything was about to change for them.

                They walked in and were welcomed by a child named Emily who was 11 years old. The mother of the house greeted the girls, they adored her at first sight. she was about 35 years old and she had beautiful blond hair. She welcomed them in and showed them their rooms. Lily asked Khloe if Jesus had really been with them this whole time as they entered their new room. Khloe answered yes, he was and he never left our side. Through the years as Lily and Khloe grew up they grew in their faith and always went to church. They eventually grew up and both became amazing teachers in a Christian school.

            This story was about how even when you think nothing will ever get better, it will because God will be there right by your side. Throughout this story, Lily and Chloe both learned that they needed to trust in God with all their heart. It was not that long until they got a great and loving home where they stayed the rest of their lives until adulthood. This story was an inspirational, heartwarming story, where with God, nothing is impossible. Always remember to trust in God and believe that he can help you in any situation. It may seem too difficult to handle, but never doubt what the almighty God can do. Take your struggles to him.


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