The History of Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful holiday that is celebrated on December 25th by millions of people every year. From a religious standpoint, Christmas  is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, but not everyone celebrates with things like putting up a tree and giving out presents. Other religions celebrate in different ways. Some Christian faiths celebrate by re-enacting the actual birth of Christ, complete with the baby Jesus, virging Mary, father Joseph, wise men, and animals in a stable. But other religions have their own celebrations.

The Muslim community has two celebrations but Christmas is not one of them. Muslims do believe in Jesus but they do not believe he is the son of God. According to the Islamic religion, Jesus' birth was either in March or September based on season indications in the Bible. But because they do not celebrate the birthdays of other prophets, they don't celebrate Jesus' birth.

Hindus in America may celebrate Christmas to assimulate into American culture, and participate in the festivities of gift-giving and parties. However, Hindus in India do not celebrate Christmas. They have a five-day holiday called Pancha Ganapati that begins on December 21 and is meant to celebrate the elephant-headed lord of culture and new beginnings.

Buddhist may not believe in Jesus, but they do celebrate Christians by decorating their temples with decorations, sending cards to loved ones, holding late night vigils, and even listening to Christmas music. Some who have Christian and Jewish parents take part in Christmas festivities, but Jews have a separate celebration. They take part in Chanukah (Hanukkah), and eight-day festival of lighs that is celbrated by a nightly menorah lighting, special prayers, and fried foods. Chanuka memorializes the small army of Jews who defeated the mighty Greek Army in 2nd century BCE. The Jews reclaimed the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, and the menorah was to be lit, however, only a single cruse of olive oil was left. But the menorah remained lit for eight days.










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