Can the Golden State Warriors Make it to the Playoffs?

The Warriors are on top this season.  Andre Iguodala came back to the team on August 10, starting point guard Stephen Curry is making big plays, and starting shooting guard, Klay Thomson, is now healthy. His injury last season led to the team's horrible record of 39-33.


And the Warriors keep doing things right. On November 12, Stephen Curry dropped 40 points against the Chicago Bulls. He hit nine, three-pointers against the Bulls, raising his record to 3,366. (The record of Ray Allen, one the greatest 3-point shooters of all time, was only 3,358.) After the Warriors beat the Nets, Kevin Durant nodded to Curry saying, "He put in a ton of work and cares about the game, loves his teammates, plays with energy. So, that's what you get every night as a player like that playing at an All-Star, MVP, Hall of Fame level You gotta respect it”.

When the Warriors took on the Cleveland Cavaliers, Curry was doing everything: great off-ball movement, terrific 3-point attempts, flashy passing. When the game was over, he finished with 40 points, four rebounds and six assists on 15-of-27 from the field and 9-of-16 from 3-point land in the Warriors' 104-89 win against Cleveland. This was his fourth 40 point game already this season and the 38th time in his career he has mad at least 9 three-pointers.

And On November 21,  the Warriors beat the Raptors 119-104.  Poole scored a season-high 33 points on 13 shots, while Wiggins recorded 32 points and six rebounds. After working so hard, the Warriors are currently 1st in the Western Conference with 15 wins and 2 losses. Since the Warriors are an unstoppable team once again, their chances of making it to the playoffs is certain.






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