Rockstar: Destroying a Community

Rockstar is one of the most famous video game studios out there. They are primarily known for their Grand Theft Auto series which has sold millions of copies. Rockstar recently released Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy Definitive Edition, a next gen remaster of the classic PlayStation 2 era Grand Theft Autos. Sadly, the company managed to mess up everything that was good about these games about turned their community against them.

Grand Theft Auto Definitive Edition is an unpolished mess. Each game is plagued with bugs, ugly character models, and horrid rain texture that makes them completely unplayable. These remasters were developed with the ios ports of the trilogy as a base which fans have already picked apart, and this shows why these ports are bad. (On a sidenote, these port problems have been around since 2014, but Grove Street Games decided not to fix any of these problems.)

Rockstar has also chosen to remove the original versions of these games. Fans have review bombed the games the games on the popular review website Metacritic, giving the series a 0.5/10 user review score. That makies it the worst game on Metacritic, beating out Warcraft III Reforged which has a user score of 0.6/10. Even major review sites gave the game mixed reviews. GameSpot wrote, “The more important question is whether these Definitive Editions are the ideal way to experience the trilogy, and that is a resounding "Hell no." No matter how the vaunted feature list looks, there are scant few creative decisions implemented for these ports that make themselves at all superior to the other versions released over the years.”

Rockstar also went after Modders, people who try to improve Rockstar’s old games or make new content for free just as passion projects. Rockstar took down their projects or outright sued them. Fans became worried after seeing that Take Two also take down mods, and they saved files of Grand Theft Auto IV.  A lot of fans theorize that Rockstar is also going to give Grand Theft Auto IV the “Definitive Edition” treatment.  Hopefully, Rockstar reverses some of their previous decisions to get their community back on their side.



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