Is the Media Brainwashing us?

Is social media controlling people’s thoughts?

It’s not using some secret power to brainwash people by putting information in their heads, but anybody can upload their opinion to media, and people who see that opinion with no prior knowledge about the topic are going to agree with them because that’s all the information they have. Even the most nonsensical things may seem to have a point because people don’t have any other information.

A strong example is John Mayor. A lot of people think he isn’t a very good musician, but that's because they listened to someone else’s opinion.  But John Mayer is a very talented guitar player. Being talented has nothing to do with opinion, and Mayer has a genuine skill when it comes to playing guitar, espcially when it comes to very complex rhythms. Readers should consider other sources before taking a stand, like those of and The NY Times because both agree that Mayer has considerable talent. 

Of course, this is not the only example. There ar others, and media often tries to control with avenues like Tok-tok, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. People just need to think for themselves a bit more before forming an opinion.


I like that one band called Neck Deep I guess

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