Yin and Yang, the Basics

     To begin, yin and yang is a popular Chinese symbol which simply means opposites attract and work together to make something beautiful. Yin and yang are two principles in Chinese philosophy. Yin means negative, passive, female, more "shady" principal in nature while yang is the exact opposite. Yin can be anything dark, from the classic black, fire, to the moon. Yang like I said before means the exact opposite with the color being white, water or the sun. Yin and yang has been along for a long time in Chinese history and will probably be around for much longer. Yin and yang can always be used to describe opposites and show that somehow they are connected. 

Hi, I'm LaShauna. I have a very strong faith and trust in God. Some of my goals include graduating, going to college and becoming a teacher. School is my main priority and in my free time, I enjoy dance and writing pretty much anything.

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