COVID-19 Vaccine

There are many thoughts and concerns surrounding the COVID-19. Since March of last year, the world has had to deal with the virus wreaking havoc. Now, in some parts of the world, a vaccine has become available to certain groups of people. How does this change things? 


The vaccination involves two shots. The first is to help the human body recognize the virus and gets the immune system ready to defend against it. The second strengthens the immune system, therefore making the body more prepared to fight off the virus. But many still have questions.


First and foremost, people want to know if they will get sick from the vaccine and its contents. Some who have received the vaccination have reported side effects such as, fever, chills, headache, and muscle pain. According to health officials, these reactions are all completely normal and are in no way symptoms of the virus itself. These are signs of the body building up immunity against COVID-19.  


Another commonly asked question is who can get the vaccine? As the government distributes the vaccine to those considered high priority, this is a fair question to ask. In the United States,eligibilibity for the vaccine depends on the state where a person lives. The CDC has also established that one of the top priorities is to distribute the vaccination to those 75 years and older and to frontline workers as they have a highest risk of getting the virus. However, some states are already rolling out the vaccination to those 65 years and older.  


What about after a person receives the COVID-19 vaccine? Experts ask that you continue wearing a mask and remain socially distant from others when going out in public. Remember, even if a person has gotten the two shots, many others have not. Getting vaccinated helps stop people from getting the virus, but officials still do not know if someone could pass it on to others.  


The pandemic has made everyone realize who we really are and what is important. Even with some getting the vaccine, people still need to listen to the experts and continue to fix problems without creating more.  



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